Artisan Radio

Click on this link to listen to Artisan Radio.  If that doesn't work (the IceCast Directory is sometimes down), try cutting and pasting the following link into your favorite music player:

Artisan Radio is a Low Power Announce System, as defined by Industry Canada and the CRTC.

Our mission is to provide The Best Music (and/or programming) You've Probably Never Heard.  In other words, to play what other stations can't or won't.

We are currently broadcasting and streaming with our newly revised schedule.  The stream is geo blocked for all countries other than Canada and the U.S.

Our blog can be found here.

We can also be followed on Twitter.

If you have any issues with our operation, or programming, please contact us at this e-mail address.

Please note that the blog is intended as one way communication.  Any comments received become the property of Artisan Radio, and may be published.  Unsigned emails will be treated as spam.