Artisan Radio

Click on this link to listen to Artisan Radio, or its sister station, Books Over The Air (currently in test mode).  If that doesn't work (the IceCast Directory is sometimes down), try this.

Artisan Radio is a Low Power Announce System, as defined by Industry Canada and the CRTC.

Everything we broadcast is in the public domain in Canada and the U.S., and consists early 20th century sound recordings.  Those recordings include noir OTR, acoustic music and audiobooks.  The stream is geo blocked for all other countries.

Our schedule can be found here.

Our blog is here.

If you have any issues with our operation, or programming, please contact us at this address.

Please note that the blog is intended as one way communication.  Any comments received may be published, and lauded/critiqued/ridiculed as appropriate.  Unsigned emails will be treated as spam.